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  • Summer 2016

    Flavor Schedule is subject to change on a daily basis.   If we are making extra flavors for a custom order, we may make extra for the display case.  Please call us for up-to-date information on your favorite flavors!   Let us know if ou would like us to bring back some of the old school flavors from our early years like: Mo Banana Nut, Rock N Rolla Cola, or Orange You Glad.  We are always looking for variety and flavor suggestions to keep our fans happy.  (850) 466-3363

          Our most recent new flavor in the Oh Snap! Cupcakes & Cakes lineup is White Velvet.  This amazing white cake is made with white chocolate, and topped with a decadent white chocolate cream cheese.

    Orders for flavors on "off days" are happily accepted with a minimum order of 6.


    M T W Th F Sa Su
    Bannana Pudding


    Carrot Spice   
    Chocolate Chocolate

    Drunken Monkey

    Faux Ho

    German Chocolate      
    Hot Mama            
    Key Lime
    Lemon Blueberry       

    Lemon Drop
    Oreo • 
    Pineapple RSU      
    Raspberry Lemonade      
    Red Velvet
    Strawberry Vanilla
    Pink Champagne
    Toasted Coconut


    Wedding Almond
    White Chocolate Raspberry
    White Velvet
    Rocky Road

     Java Joe
     Jolly Rancher